Australian made quality products, delivered on time.

The Quality Management System will continue to be developed and implemented to ensure that clients receive only the highest possible level of service.

Industrial Maintenance and Fabrications is mindful of the importance and value of its Personnel. We have assembled a competent and reliable group of employees fully trained and experienced in the steel fabrication industry.IMF are able to meet all requirements specified for job specific steel fabrication.

  • IMF carries out work to Australian standards
  • IMF complies with Gas and Coal specifications and standards and are pre qualified with many mine sites Australia Wide
  • Quality Plans are developed and continuously reviewed, Inspection and Test plans are in place and MDR’s (material data reports) are supplied with every project.
  • IMF policy objectives and procedures for controlling quality are set out in authorized company documents. IMF also implement project specific quality plans.

Where specialised goods and services are required, we utilise only those suppliers or subcontractors who can contribute to the high quality levels established. We evaluate suppliers and subcontractors prior to use and monitor their performance whilst they remain on the approved supplier list.